Taal Volcano

Posted On May 4, 2011 

Taal Volcano is placed on the island of Luzon, which is the biggest in area among islands part of the Philippines islands. At present the volcano status is active, and is placed in San Nicolas and Talisay in the Batangas. Manila city, the capital of the country is close to 50 k m from the volcano. The volcano is home to an islands as well, which is within Lake Taal. Lake Taal, in turn, is in a caldera that was created as a result of a previous eruption.

Taal Volcano has seen quite a number of belligerent eruptions, and there has been quire a good number of quite violent upsurges. There have been a greater number of eruptions of less violence. The volcano eruptions has caused quite a good number of deaths, the toll is close to 5 – 6 thousands. There volcano is more or less calm now, and it is an extremely rewarding location for tourists. There are a good number of elements that makes it stand apart.

Taal Volcano is situated within a chain of volcanoes in the west coast of the island. The volcano group was created as the Eurasian Plate experienced some subductive activity. The plate lies under the Philippine Mobile Belt. Many of these are dormant now, while some are active.

There have been in total 33 eruptions recorded starting from 1572. The volcano is experiencing a bit of calm since 1977, but has been displaying a bit of unrest since 1991. Seismic activity has been quite strong at the time, and there were fractures and mud geysers forming in various parts of the island.

The Taal Volcano is a really fun destination for travelers, as the views and the Taal Lake are simply amazing, as is the Taal Island.

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