The Amazing Whitepod Hotel Resort

Posted On January 28, 2014 

Whitepod is not just an ordinary hotel. This is a very special and exclusive resort, which is ecologically friendly and indeed unique. With many tourists aiming to get best alpine pleasures by coming on camps, this resort cum hotel is a way of redefining alpine living. With many activities and a mesmerizing scenic delight, Whitepod provides you with pleasures of living in one of the most amazing hotels.

With perfect standards of service, comfort, and style, Whitepod is truly necessary do for all adventure lovers and mountain travellers. A totally heavenly destination this also gives one the opportunity to feel closer to nature and to take back an unforgettable mountain experience. Located at a height of 1400 m this is an award wining resort and has nine pods or dome shaped tents. There is a main lodge and which can be reached through skis or by foot. You have the Expedition Pod, the Group Pod, and the Pavilion Pod amongst the other pods. Each pod is a bedroom and can be had for single or double occupancy. The Group Pod is a pod, which houses around eight guests. There is a wood burning stove, which keeps you warm and insulated, and with the latest kind of technology managing all these, it is a comfortable stay.

Whitepod Hotel Resort Night View

Whitepod gives you the pleasures of being in a home within a travel and provides you the best sights of the eco domes in a unique manner. The pods are comfortable with plush interiors. Facilities like a 14 tog duvet, iPod, log fire keeps you cozy and comfortably warm.

Tourist Attraction in Whitepod Hotel Resort Adventure Tour in Whitepod Resort

Sophie De Meyer who grew up here in Villars wanted to give people a chance to enjoy the outdoors. She thought initially of installing Yurts or Tipis but then later started the pods. The chalet is the main point where one can wash, have meals etc.

Whitepod Hotel Interior Whitepod Resort Bed Room

The delights that await you at Whitepod are indeed worth experiencing once in a lifetime.

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