The Big Bend National Park

Posted On May 20, 2011 

The Big Bend National Park is the biggest area of public owned land in Texas. The 12, 000 sq mi of terrain is situated in the wild Chihuahuan Desert. The location might lead you to expect that the parcel of land to be a hostile wasteland with nothing of interest. However, this is not at all the case.

The region is one that displays immense contrast within its areas. The Rancherias Canyon is certainly one of the most notable attractions in the Park. The huge diversity that you will find in this region is something that makes for a great destination.

Rancherias Canyon is a popular destination with hikers. The one way hike through the trail that extends for 4.8 miles through the canyon is an extreme experience. The better part of the day can be spent finishing your hike. It is also possible to hike via the loop trail that promises a ten mile long adventure trek for hikers. This is another excellent experience, one unparalleled in fun and challenges.

The Rancherias Canyon was created by the natural chiseling of the Bofecillos Mountains due to the lava that flowed down years ago. Hikers reach the base of the Rancherias fall at the end of the trail. The canyon is not all long stretches of igneous rock, but is filled with beautiful sights all through the trail.

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