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Posted On April 25, 2012 

While travelling across the world, there are many places that surely would feature in your list of cities to tour and many locales in your top priority preferences. While in the beautiful land of South America, do visit the lovely city of Buenos Aires. This is a place with the best tour delights and the ideal travel attractions.

The Plaza de mayo in Buenos Aires is one such place that is surely worth a mention. This plaza has been existing since the 16th century. the Casa Rosada is in the eastern end. This is the Presidential Palace ,the venue for many gatherings and political protests and where the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo is held. This is the regular assembly of all the mothers protesting the way they have lost their loved ones. these loved ones are referred to as the Desaoarecidos meaning the disappeared ones.

Buenos Aires
The Spanish town hall is found opposite the Casa Rosada and this is a beautiful and fascinating old colonial building which is decorated with a lot of arches that encircled the entire plaza sometime in the May Revolution in the year 1810. the guards who are found outside the building are the members of the REgemiento de Patricios which was formed sometime in the year 1806. Even today they are seen wearing the traditional uniforms which were designed some 200 years back.

Then there is Recoleta which is one of the most fashionable areas in the city of Buenos Aires. This is the place where you have the site of the Iglesia de Nuestra senora de Pilar which is a colonial church that is also a national monument. This has many open venues which is very attractive and has many public gardens. This is inclusive of the Plaza Francia which is the venue for the craft fair that takes place here on a Sunday.

Iglesia de Nuestra senora de Pilar
This is a cemetery that is a very unlikely place for sightseeing and is a major tourist attraction here in this part of the world. This is a city within a city and has many huge monuments which are done up with granite, lustrous bronze and dark granite. There are statues of Virgin and innumerable stone angels here. The past of Argentina lies here and thus the crowd gets attracted here. There have been a lot of sports stars, past presidents and writers who have been laid to rest. Enjoy the serene ambience here and also the tranquility.

Then of course there is Mataderos which is situated around 6km from Caballito. This gets its name from a slaughterhouse which used to exist here. Even today Mataderos is a livestock market. This is where you would find the Feria De Mataderos which takes place every Sunday.

Then there is Terato Colon which is the Opera House which with its seven stories is existent since the year 1908. There is a small museum that is located in the lobby and there are guided tours that are available in English. The tours take you around the basement workshops, stage and seating venues and also the rehearsal rooms. This is a fascinating place to watch the ballet and the opera and helps you to listen classical music.

Terato Colon
Visit the Café Tortoni which is a famous coffee house here in Buenos Aires. This is a place which has café as a way of life and Tortoni is a way of life here. It has been patronized by celebrities in the year 1858. This has also been featured in many movies which show a very important part of history.

Then there is La Boca which was initially populated by the Italian dock workers which has today bloomed into a great centre of art , metal houses and restaurants and is a refreshing place to be in, and is a little away from the city. The houses here are brightly painted and there is the beautiful sight of the pedestrian walk Caminito. The Art Museum of bellas Artes in La Boca is also an added attraction here in this part of the world.

La Boca
The city of Buenos Aires is a lovely place to visit while on tours to South America.

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