The Picturesque 10K Buddha Temple

Posted On December 10, 2009 


The highly advertised as well as the utmost photographed Ten Thousand Buddha’s Temple is located west of the Sha Tin KCR station. You can always combine your tour to Sha Tin with the visit to the temple. While walking down through the streets of Sha Tin towards the temple you will come across the numerous aspects of the city. Moreover you would be enjoying the culture as well as the history of Hong Kong.


There are many things in the Ten Thousand Buddha’s Temple that are worth a visit. To reach to the temple you need to climb up some hundred steep steps, the lower level of the steps have lots of grass around it. Life-size statutes those are similar to that of the Buddha’s statute are lined up on the both sides of the steps. Do stop along your way as you will surely admire the detailing of the statute. Some statutes have red lips while some have facial hair while some have hoods. Every statue have some or the other instrument that is held in their hand. There are around 500 numbered statues.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple

The lower floor of the temple has staues, pavilions, temples, arhats, a restaurant as well as a pagoda. The restaurant is purely vegetarian. The pagoda which is located in the lower floor is about 9 stories. The walls of the pagoda are colored red and golden yellow in color. The base has a line of golden arhats as well as small sized Buddha statutes situated at various positions. Many more Buddha’s are placed on the spiral staircase. The most important assistant’s of Buddha Manjusri as well as Samantabhadar are positioned on both the sides of the tower. The statutes are very huge. Manjusri who is seated on the blue colored lion was known her bravery and wisdom. Samantabhadra rides a huge white colored elephant did performed many noble deeds, as well as had reasoning abilities.

Both of them are one of the most important ten disciples.

18 Arhats are placed in the interior of the courtyard. There are nearly hundreds of Arhats but these 18 arhats are very special and are known for the distinguish qualities that they possess. Offerings are made to them by the people who come to visit the temple. It is known to all that the Arhats have acquired their enlightenment through tremendous practices as well as maintaining the discipline which was done by Buddha too. When they reached nirvana they decided to postpone it and serve themselves to help the people who wanted to reach their level. This was a very unselfish act done by the Arhats.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple

How to reach

The Hong Kong international airport is at a distance of 35 minutes from Sha Tin.  From Sha Tin you can hail a cab/taxi or even a motor taxi and reach the temple. The best option is to walk down to the temple.

When to go

The best time to visit Sha Tin is from mid-September up to January.


The temple is opened throughout the year from morning 9 to evening 6 for the public to visit.

Entrance costs

The entrance to the temple is free of cost to everyone.

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