Living it Arabiata in Aleppo, Syria

Posted On October 6, 2010 

When you have an awesome mix of medieval and just the right amount of modern, you could say that you probably are in Aleppo. This is a place in Syria. The capital Damascus is supposed to be the world’s oldest inhabited city. This is home to the Arabs, the Circassians, the Kurds, Armenians and many others.  Syria happens to be a secular country which has a lot of religious tolerance.  All this is reflects in the ethnic make up and religious functioning in Aleppo.  In fact this place also has a substantial Christian population.

The city looks quite exotic, and when you travel from the old express terminus, you might want to go see the Dervishes which are still whirling. You could see them perform in the many restaurants in this city.  There is a high rise wall which surrounds the city. And because of this you would be about to recapture and feel the oriental romance that is present in this old and magnificent town.

Aleppo Syria tourism

When you plan to actually come here and experience the many charms of this place, you might want to go and indulge in the medieval bath which is the Hammam Yalbouga. This just happens to be the grandest and most celebrated bath houses in Syria.  There are big burly attendants who would have you strip, scrubbed and pummeled.

If you are looking for a nice place to stay there are a host of Ottoman house in the old city. There is the famous Mandaloun hotel which is quite simple but the rooms over here are quite comfortable.  The rooms in fact are set around a large courtyard which surrounds the little barbeque house right in the middle. This makes the place more like a vacation house; with lots of fun stuff to do.

Mandaloun hotel

You should also check out the famous and exquisite Mansouriya Palace which is nicely tucked away in the heart of thMansouriya Palacee old city.  There are nine individual themes that make Aleppo the best boutique hotel in this region.

You could also meet your friends over a fresh Ming blended coolade at a beautiful place called the pavement Café. This is located right beside the main citadel in the city. The café usually comes alive in the after hours of the evening.

When you go out for a proper drink, the baron hotel which has an early twentieth century time warp is the first in the European quarter. This actually where Agatha Christie and T Lawrence stayed, when they vacationed here.

Check back here to find out more about whatt happens here in the beautiful city of Aleppo Syria.

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