Amazing Mongolia in Enchanting Travels

Posted On March 2, 2012 

Come to Mongolia and get enchanted with this lovely paradise of travel experiences and tour delights. Come here and bask in the pleasures of this ancient land and go back totally refreshed with cherishable memories.

Visit here  the Waterfall Ulaan Tsutgalan on the River Ulaan. As the river cascades down from a great height of 20 metres as it extends from the River Orkhon. This is the river which flows through the basalt rocks and flows through the Gyatruu range to the Karakorum Soum. This is a waterfall for all  nature lovers and it is a place where tourists normally come for the best experiences of fishing and bird watching. Come here and enjoy the visit to the local horsemen family. Here is where you get closer to the traditions and culture of this region.

Waterfall Ulaan Tsutgalan

Then visit the Karakorum and the Erdene Zuu Monastery and see the site of this ancient capital of the region of Mongolia Karakorum. This is also called Kharkhorin. There are around 108 stupas here in the Erdenezuu monastery. This is situated around 370 km from the Ulaanbaatar Elevation which is around 1600 metres above the sea level. This is the fabled city of Genghis Khan and was founded sometime in the year 1220. Today we can see a lot of glory that prevailed here. There are 3 temples here which are dedicated to the life of Buddha. They show Buddha as a child, as an adolescent and as an adult. The main central temple is called the Zuu of Buddha and the statues of Buddha as a child is seen here. There are 2 turtle rocks outside the monastery walls. Out of these four are marked as the boundaries of the ancient land of Karakorum.

Then visit the Tuvkhun Monastery which lies on the Undur peak and is at a height of 2312 metres and is situated in the boundary of Uvurkhangai aimags and the Arkhangai. It was Zanabazar who erected it in the year 1654, and also created the famous Soyombo script sometime in the year 1680. This has been protected by the state since the year 1998 and then was also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was called the most wonderful valuable object in the year 1996.

Tuvkhun Monastery

Then go to the Ugii Lake which is around 1.337 m above the sea level in the Ugii Soum in the ARkhangai Aimag. This spans over an area of around 25 square kilometers and is famous for the plethora of fish and bird diversity that is found here. The pike, barscharten, catfish and many other fish dominate the fish populace here and these are the most common types of fish. There are around 50 to 80 tons of fish caught every year. It is very easy to spot the Swan goose, the Dalmatian and the White Spoonbill and also the Pelican here.

Ugii Lake

Then there is the Khugnu Khan Mountain national Park which lies in the border area of the provinces of Tuv, Ovorkhangai and Bulgan. This beautiful land of steppes, forests and mountains, and the desert region is what makes this a great travel destination. There are sources of mineral water here and the entire place is a beautiful land of travel delights. Khugnu Tarny Monastery has an upper and a lower division. This monastery has seen three kinds of Buddhism in the ancient Mongolia, ancient Mongolia and middle Mongolia as also late Mongolia. It was Prince Bishrelt who founded this monastery sometime in the 17th century.

Then you have the Khorgo Terkhiin Tasagaan Nuur National Park which was founded to be able to showcase the beautiful scenic delights from the mountains and also to protect the flora and fauna here. So come here and see the lovely background of the Khangai Mountains, giving you great travel pleasures. The Khorgocrater at a height of around 2.210 metres is something to be seen to be believed.

Khorgo Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park.

With great travel pleasures and ultimate tour delights, Mongolia is certainly a great place to visit.

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