Sofia, Bulgaria – Sights

Posted On August 4, 2011 

Sofia is a youthful city that dates back to thousands of years. It is the heart of Bulgaria, and is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. The metropolis is home to numerous cultural attractions as well.

The sheer number of unique sights at Sofia makes for a superb destination. The city is visited by millions of tourists all over the world. The illustrious history of the city that dates back to the eighth century BC is one of the best reasons to visit the city. Sofia is also home to a huge wealth of architectural attractions as well.

Sofia is nestled in Sofia Valley at the foothills of the Vitosha Mountain Ranges. Vitosha is as tall as 2280 m. The entire city is centered on a mineral spring. The settlement began this way, with people setting up camp around the spring.

The huge number of historical monuments and other structures offer picture book testimony to the historical significance of the country. There is a total of two hundred and fifty monuments and other historical buildings in the city. Many of these are of interest to history buffs and archaeologists.

The region in which Sofia lies has been ruled over by a number of different cultures, which has left a number of enriching cultural influences on the city. There are a number of monuments remnants of various reigns, including Bulgarians, Proto Turks, Byzantines, Thracians, Slavs, Romans and more, The cityscape is dotted by these structures. There are a number of diverse cultural attractions as well.

While you are in Sofia, make sure you plan a visit to the famous St George Rotunda, the Sofia University building, the Parliament building, the Russian church of the St. Nicholas, the National Theater Ivan Vazov, St. Sofia Church, the cathedral of the Alexander Nevski and the St. George Rotunda.

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