Hobart, Tasmania – Sights

Posted On July 1, 2011 

It was once the case that mainland Aussies would go to Tasmania in droves to gamble for a bit at the Wrest Point Casino in Hobart. This was at the time the only casino that was legally permitted in the country. The casino here is the oldest casino for gamblers in the entire country.

However, times have changes, and so have the strict rules. There are casinos to be found in every single state, Hobart is no longer visited for gambling reasons. The city has had to depend on attractions other than gambling to draw in visitors, and has succeeded admirably. In fact, there is no dearth of sights and attractions in the city.

Hobart is one of the most beautiful cities of Australia. The city has a huge number of sights for visitors. The sheer number of rewarding attractions on offer at the city makes it a superb location for travelers. It is not without reason that the city is among the most coveted destinations in entire Australia.

The historic Port Arthur is the gateway to the region and is a historic location that has defined this region. The national parks and the World Heritage Tasmanian Wilderness present a huge number of opportunities for nature enthusiasts.

Hobart is known for being a famous port. The city is one of the oldest in Australia, and was founded in 1804. The city still has a number of colonial structures left.

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