Calat Alhambra, Spain

Posted On November 26, 2009 

Calat Alhambra which is commonly known as Alhambra is a fortress and palace constructed by the Moorish rulers in the mid 14th century in the then called Al-Andalus. The palace has acquired the small hilly terrace on the border of the city of Granada where it is located.

Alhambra was the residential building of the then Muslim rulers also the court was located in Alhambra. Today Alhambra is the most popular tourist destination in Spain also it is famous for exhibiting the most popular Islamic architecture in the country. The Palace of Charles V was erected by Charles V, who was the Holy Roman Emperor in 1527, within the premises of the Alhambra palace. The Christians in the 16th century added their inputs to the palace giving it the face that we can see today.

The small plateau where the palace of Alhambra sits is approximately about 740 m in the length and is about 205 meter broad. The total area covered by the palace is about 1, 42,000 square meters.

Alhambra Palace Granada

The strongest position on the plateau is of the citadel which has many western features and is enclosed by a strong wall. This citadel is known as Alcazaba. The other number of palaces on the plateau has a weak surrounding wall. On the plateau there are nearly 13 towers. Some towers were kept for the defending purpose will some were kept as the shelter to the people living in the region.

Alhambra is divided from the Albaicin district of Granada by the river Darro which originates from the northern side of the plateau. Assabica valley has the Alhambra Park on the west and the south end. The parallel ridge of Monte Mauror cuts Assabica valley from the Antequeruela district.

The Alhambra was completed by Yusuf I during his rule in Spain for twenty years which started from 1333 up to 1353. Muhammed V, Sultan of Granada who ruled the region during 1353 and 1391, the later marked the end of the Muslim rules in Spain. You will find the influence of the culture of Nasrid Emirate of Granada on the Alhambra palace. The intellectuals and artists took a refuge in Alhambra palace when the Al Andalus did lose by Christian Spain. The mixture of the natural elements and man-made one was one of the best skills of the Muslim artists at that time.

The literal translation of the word Alhambra is “red-fortress” which tells use the color of the clay by which the fort is been constructed. The original construction of Alhambra was white in color but today it appears to be red.

Alhambra has inspired construction of many building as well as many portions of the forts, be it the romantic inspiration of 19th century or the forts of today there are many things that you can take from the Alhambra. Stillwater, a Moorish revival house in Minnesota is constructed as well as named after Alhambra. Also you can describe the Irvine in California and Irvine Spectrum center as the developed version of the Courts of the Lions from Alhambra.

Alhambra is located in Granada in Spain. The nearest airport to reach Alhambra is San Pablo Airport Seville (SVQ), Spain from where you can take a cab, car, bus or train to reach to the Alhambra.

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