Nohkalikai Falls

Posted On December 7, 2012 

Nohkalikai Falls is the tallest waterfall in India and is at a height of around 1100 feet. This is a fall that is located near the wettest place in the planet, Cherrapunji. This is also the fourth largest waterfall in the entire world and has the rainwater feeding it. In the months of December and Februray it decreases in the water level. There is a plunge pool with lovely coloured green waters in the falls below.

Nohkalikai Falls

Translated as the Jump of Ka Likai in the Khasi language the Nohkalikai Falls has a lovely legend behind it. It is said that the local women Likai jumped off the cliff and fell I the falls. Legend has it that there was a woman who was called Ka Likai and she remarried. The new husband got jealous of her devotion to her daughter. He plans to kill the daughter when Ka Likai went out. He kills the daughter eventually and cooked her flesh into a meal. Ka likai came back home and asked where her daughter was. He said he did not know and said that before she went in search of her daughter she should have something to eat. She eats and finds her daughter’s fingers in a basket. In absolute despair she throws herself off the cliff and thus the waterfalls gets its name the Fall of Ka Likai.

Ka Likai Falls

Nohkalikai Falls is today one of the taller waterfalls in the Indian subcontinent. It is a lovely leap from a beautifully located rocky base that is also accompanied by a lovely little pool. Most of the waterfalls in this region are beautiful and the charm here is something to be seen to be believed. So for all those who love waterfall experiences in unusually located places then Nohkalikai Falls is the ideal bet.

The area is surrounded by clouds and so the entire region becomes foggy and misty. The falls can be seen best when there is no mist or fog. Cherrapunji is famous for being the wettest place but of late has been having a lot of brown foliage. So there are notions that perhaps the place is getting dried. There are lot of diversions and coal mining activities here. there is a lot of deforestation here and so the presence of the waterfalls only enhances the beauty here.

Sohra town

As one drives from Sohra town to Noahkalikai Falls the lovely grasslands on the plateau provide a beautiful sight for all. The road has the loveliest sights of mine shafts and coal mounds and provides great tour delights.

This was a waterfall that was a great pride of the tourism in Meghalaya and thus visits to this Falls is never devoid of excitement. There are many food and fruit stands here which make tours here very enjoyable. Get a closer look at the Falls with the help of the new stairway. There are a series of stairs that also gives you a view of the falls below. There is a path that takes you around to the falls and the entire stretch of this path along with the sight of the beautiful surroundings puts you at ease here.

Nohkalikai Falls at Cherrapunji

It takes around half an hour to get nearer to the falls and would take more than an hour to go to the base of the falls. Situated around 53 km from the lovely city of Shillong, these Falls provide a great way of enjoying tours in this a part of the world.

As one goes to the Falls the sights of the coal mining area and deforestation area are something that remains in the mind.

Unusual destinations are ones that provided a lot of tourist’s interest and give you the right reasons to be happy about. Come to Nohkalikai falls and enjoy the pleasures of a lovely unusual destination in this part of India.

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