Splendid Crystal River

Posted On April 15, 2010 

Crystal River is situated nearly 67 miles north of Tampa along the wonderful nature coast. It is often called as ‘Gem of the nature coast’.

Crystal river FloridaThe city of Florida is bordered by Crystal River and King’s Bay, which has received classification from the State to be an Outstanding Florida Water. The river comprises of a beautiful network of nearly 30 springs, which start at the northwest end at King’s Bay. They move west for approximately six miles and then enter the Gulf of Mexico.

The water activities that you can indulge in include boating, diving, fishing, and swimming. You can also hire a bike or go hiking at the Withlacoochee State Trail. If sedentary activities are your choice, go bird and manatee watching. This is only a partial list of activities to indulge in while at the river.

Crystal River is renowned all over the world for snorkeling and swimming with manatees. The manatee is one of nature’s most awesome creatures. Alternatively, travelers can go kayaking with dolphins or indulge in a fishing trip. There are many species of fish unique to this region, including redfish, shark, trout, bonefish, and tarpon. Snook fishing is also a popular activity.

Crystal river activities

Citrus County is also called ‘Mother Nature’s Theme Park’. It is the only spot in the world which provides encouragement for interaction with the manatee. There is a strong fishing community present at Crystal River. Travelers might catch fish from a kayak or in the presence of an experienced guide. Regardless of the technique, fishing fetches huge catches of trout, tarpon, and red fish.

The area is renowned for delectable sea food. The hospitality, too, is friendly and warm. Amidst the towns of Crystal River and Homosassa Springs, are located nearly 30 restaurants. Some restaurants are on the water itself. This gives travelers a plethora of eating opportunities.

Crystal river restaurants

Travelers come from all parts of the world to visit Crystal River. Besides formal accommodation, there are plenty of camping facilities provided. Visitors also have the option of renting a private island.

Some of the fishing catches have broken records. Experienced boat captain, too, seem to enjoy taking part in these catches. Besides amazing restaurants, there are a number of specialty gift shops. The wildlife of the region is diverse. There are plenty of lodging facilities available.

Touching the gentle manatee is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. An encounter with the manatee is a must for visitors residing at Crystal River. The ‘mermaid’ that Columbus spotted years ago opens your eyes as you go upfront to touch it. This establishes a bond between the visitor and the creature, which cannot be paralleled anywhere else in the world.

The region is home to several bird species, including herons, whooping cranes, eagles, hawks, osprey, and owls.

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2 Responses to “Splendid Crystal River”
  1. Handsome Guy says:

    Oh ! thanks for this post I love snorkeling and swimming with manatees. I am bookmarking this page.

  2. vareeja says:

    The Crystal River is comprised of a network of more than 30 beautiful springs that begin at the northwest end of Kings Bay and travel west for about 6 miles entering into the Gulf of Mexico.

    In addition to water activities such as boating, fishing, diving and swimming, you can bike and/or hike nearby at the Withlacoochee State Trail. If you prefer more sedentary activities there is bird watching and of course, manatee watching. These are just a few of the things to do in Crystal River.

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