Get Enchanted in the Roof of the World Tibet

Posted On April 13, 2012 

Known as the land of the Snows Tibet is popular as the roof of the world. For many years this ancient and intriguing land was locked away in the Himalayas, and had a great hold on the Western interest. Imperialists, traders and explores found this as a land of forbidden ecstasies. So as you take a walk around the Barkhor pilgrimage circuit in the country, there is enough proof to know why this is such a favourite in the list of travels in Asia.

Come here and enjoy the pleasures of this lovely land where you will see the best sights of the Himalayas and the ideal intrigues of the prayer wheels. Take a walk around this region and enjoy the stunning sights of the highest mountains in the entire world and encounter the most likeable people you ever met.

Visit Gyantse which is in the Nyang Chu Valley and see the largest stupa or Chorten here which is a lovely experience. Hike in the Yarlung Valley and see this region which is called the cradle of Tibetan civilization. Live in the region of tsetsang and get fascinated by the monkey cave in the GAngpo Ri and walk up the pilgrim path. See the glitter of the turquoise lakes here and see the high passes, which are draped with the prayer flags. Here you would surely find a prayer hall with the monks changing here. It is a greatly relaxing experience here so come here and enjoy the wild nature of the roads. When you are here in Tibet, adventure is unlimited and without fail you are going to like this beautiful region filled with the maximum thrills.

Yarlung valley
Come here and enjoy the pleasures of the Potala palace which is a construction with the most amazing architectural elegance. Having been constructed in the 7th century, when King Songsten got married it became a place for meditation. Sometime in the 17th century, the 5th Dalai Lama got it rebuilt to the way it is now and from then it became the Winter Palace of all the Dalai Lamas.

Built on top of a hill, the Palace rises above 117 metres and spans an area of around 400 metres from east to west. It has more than 1000 rooms and also 20,000 shrines with around 20,000 statues. Totally made of stone and timber this has a copper foundation, that makes the structure totally safe from earthquake and the golden roods which cover the upper levels make it a more fascinating structure.

Drepung Monastery is the largest Tibetan monastery and is the largest monastery in the entire world. Founded in the year 1416, it was Je Tsongkhapa the founder of the Gelukpa School who discovered this monsatery. This is one of the best schools belonging to the Middle Ages and in the 1930s it had around 10,000 monks from across Asia. When the Chinese invaded them, the persecution followed and many of them came back to India they started another monastery. Today there are only a few monks who remain at Drepung and the history here makes it a great attraction.

Drepung Monastery
Then go to the Qiangtang Plains and see the beauty of the northern highlands which is a no mans land. These plains cover around two thirds of the country of Tibet and was a very secluded land where no one could survive. Today most of the rare animals like the endangered Tibetan antelope and the plateau boat Yak are found in this lovely land. This is a great place to see the way life could be led in a simple manner and it is only the happy nature of the locals that renders the place very beautiful. As you traverse this region you would be enchanted to hear the traditional songs of the locals alongwith the cultural beauty of the place.

Visit also the Jokhang temple which is the spiritual centre of the Tibetan region. This is where Buddhist pilgrims come and spend their time meditating in this beautiful land. Built by many architects across China and Nepal this is a beautiful temple and has three types of elements featured.Jokhang temple

Tibet is surely a land to be in if you want to experience the mystique and intrigue of this lovely place.

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