Ein Gedi tours at Israel with White sands

Posted On September 13, 2010 

Ein Gedi is a place where the red burnt crags and many pockets of greenery make you feel as though you have landed into an entirely different planet which is very cinematic. Ein Gedi in Israel is a place which completely surpasses fairy tales.  This place has a sevenEin Gedi thousand acre natural preserve in the Judean desert which is right next to the Dead Sea.

Ein Gedi tours is a place of high importance from the biblical past.  The cliffs are exactly were David hid from King Saul who was his enemy. The rocky path here is where Saul hunted for him. The vineyards here at Ein Gedi is a beautiful place where there lies an oasis with a guide who used to actually be the curator of the field school over here.  This place is actually run by the society which is meant for the protection of nature in the Israeli land which lies just nearby.  In June, according to he people here, the people cope with the deserts extreme incandescence by hiking in water and hiking in moonlight.

If you go on a drive from Jerusalem to Ein Gedi, you will come across the Dead Sea, this happens to be the lowest spot on earth. Also this place has a bright and turquoise coast.  This is because the water which is here is surrounded by red mountains. This is also because the whole place is super charged with salt n many other minerals.

You will be able to see animals like the rock hyrax; which is also the size of a beaver, although it happens to be   biologically related to the elephant family. You might also see other rare animals like the Nubian Ibex which is a wild goat which is found only in the Middle East. These goats have large curly horns. The different kinds of birds that are seen here are grackle, raven, blackstarts and the Smyrna kingfisher.  If you get a chance then take a look at the weaver ant. These specie of ants are quite unique and not to mention unusual. The adult weaver ants get the glue for building their nest from the larvae of their own offspring.

rock hyrax

The temperatures in the afternoons go well above ninety five degrees Fahrenheit.  When this happens while you are on a journey, from one place to another, it would be advisable to head to one of the many streams there. . One of the famous ones here which you might come across is Nahal David. This is just one of the four springs that criss cross along the oasis.  All around are bamboo leaves and you might need to hike in them until you come to a clear pool. It would be a good idea to get your clothes wet until you even reach the next pool.

Nahal David

Check back here in a while to find out more about the beautiful Ein Gedi here in Israel.

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