Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Posted On October 15, 2012 

Fernbank Museum is a pleasurable journey to a great destination. This is a visit that brings a great chance to enjoy the thrills and pleasures of the cultural treasures and gives you the chance to explore and marvel at the dinosaurs which existed here before.

There are many activities and events that are held here so enjoy this tour here with your family and get involved in the various lectures, programs and schedules that are a part of life here.

Fernbank Museum

The IMAX theatre and Museum are open throughout the week till Friday and there are some extended hours available in the weekends. The Museum is open throughout the year except on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day.

There are various options to buy tickets here and you could avail of the discounted and the combined tickets group tickets which give you admission into the museum and also gives you discounted tickets.

IMAX theatre and Fernbank Museum

Located conveniently to the east of the Midtown, this is situated near the Emory University and is at the corner of the Clifton Road . There is parking facilities available and the entire experience of being in the Museum, is a one time experience. You get the chance of getting educational gifts, and unique science kits which give you the best memories of travels to this fascinating museum. this is also open on all museum hours so just make sure you enjoy the tours here.

Then there is the Fernbank Café which is a deli style sandwiches and also many pizzas and soups which give you the best culinary experiences in this part of the world. the dining area has a great view of the Fernbank Forest Overlook. This is open from Monday to Saturday between 11 am to 4 p.m and if you have your membership card you could get 10% of discount.

Fernbank Museum cafe

The Fernbank Museum has the mission to provide a lot of knowledge of natural history through intense experiences and educative programs that encourage a lot of appreciation of Mother Earth. There are many donations that the museum is dependent upon and it is crucial that you make this visit a must in your tours to this part of the world.

You too could be a part of the team which provides the best quality of educational programming and exhibitions, with the best kind of internship and employment and opportunities for employment.

There are guides which help you to go round a visit so you could pick up a visitor map at the greeter’s station or you could download a version for your benefit. There are foreign language visitor guides.

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History gave the Fernbank Forest to th County School System.; The Fernbank Museum has plans to develop a Master and Stewardship Plan for the campus of the Forest and the Museum. this is a plan that would identify and also have new improvements for the Forest .

Fernbank Museum Education programming

Today the Fernbank Forest is undergoing a lot of conservation work and is keeping all the self guided tours on hold.

There are other opportunities that are being offered by the Fernbank Museum to explore the best of the wooded regions in Atlanta .

So the next time you go to Atlanta make sure you visit the Fernbank Museum and get the best museum pleasures.

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