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Posted On August 1, 2012 

Asia is a continent that is a mix of the most cultural regions and the most enchanting locales in this part of the world. There is a certain magic about this place that attracts tourists from across the world. All those who visit this lovely magical land, are sure to experience the best here and so tours to Cambodia are sure to get you enchanted and enthralled. So come here and see the grandeur and charm of this ancient kingdom. Come here and felt he grace and grandeur of the temples here and experience the magnificent sights of Angkor Wat which is a greatly fascinating structure here.

The Angkor Wat is a combination of symmetry, symbolism and also spirituality. Come here to this lovely land and see the Khmer Rouge and its very famous killing machine. So you would surely be struck with amazement seeing this beautiful land called Cambodia. This has a history that is not only inspiring but also exciting and is a kind of intoxication for the tourist.

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Cambodia is not only about temples but also about a certain charisma and charm that is in built. Come to the land of absolutely enchanting sights and experience the pleasures of a serene locale with a lot of inner beauty and memories. So spend a lot of time relaxing in the tranquil zones of Kampot and enjoy the treks here in the Bokor National Park. Enjoy the elephant rides in the beautiful jungles of the province of Mondulkiri. Any traveller coming here would surely love to experience the sight of the dolphins at Kcome and would love to enjoy the tour delights here. There is the most beautiful sight at the Sihanoukville beach which is another major attraction here.

Angkor Wat is the symbol of Cambodia and attracts pilgrims from across the world. tourism is flourishing here greatly and journeys here are a combination of adventure, entertainment and enjoyment. Succeeding the Khmer empire, today Cambodia is inclusive of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and many other temples. The monuments here are totally par excellence and exhibit a quiet grandeur that is typical only here. The traveller who comes here first loves to see the simple architectural genius of the structures here. In fact Angkor Wat is in close comparison to other international sites like the Petra or the Machu Pichu. Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are very popular here and they are the ideal ways of a quiet getaway providing heavenly escapades. Here is where you would find the beauty of rural life coming alive and the landscapes timelessly caressing your travel tours. So just enjoy the sights of the waving rice paddies and the tall sugar palms. The provinces or srok are another great attractions and the fact that the entire country has a rich flavour to it, adds to your travel kitty. The Dar Leng or the walkabout is another major feature in tours to Cambodia. The southern coast of Cambodia is dotted with many small islands

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The Cardamom Mountains are another favourite of tourists here and they span a great tropical wilderness which is home to most of the wildlife here. This is actually a great gateway to many of the ecotourism thrills that are so much a part of the place.

As the majestic River Mekong flows through this region, the sights of the dolphins here add to the excitement of the travellers. Most of the dirt bikers and cyclists love to enjoy the feel of being closer to nature and enjoy the adventurous thrill that is accompanied with this. The northeast part of the country is a world in itself and the simple landscape and magnificent sights is what makes tours to Cambodia a greatly rich and ethnic experience. The mountainous surroundings and the gigantic waterfalls make tours here entirely a memorable experience. Add to this the beauty of the pristine waters of the crater lakes.

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With the background of a heavenly surrounding, Cambodia is the ideal place for a perfect holiday.

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