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Posted On November 20, 2009 

Facts about the Great Wall of China is a part of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was honored of being a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. Like any other gigantic dragon, the Great Wall has its walls winding up and down across deserts, mountains, grasslands and plateaus which cover an approximate distance of 851.8 kilometers that is nearly 5,500 miles from east of China to the west of China. The Great Wall of China has a history of nearly 2000 years; some of the parts of the wall are now ruined or have disappeared. Even today it is one of the most exciting attractions all around the world. The main attractions of the Great Wall of China are its architectural grandeur and historical importance. There are more facts about the Great Wall of China com=ming up.

The Chinese name for Great Wall of China is Cháng Chéng/Wàn Li Cháng Chéng. The time required to construct this huge monument took nearly 2,000 year the construction period varied from 476 BC to 221 BC, later the construction again continued during 1368 and continued till 1644. The Great Wall of China was built during the Ming Dynasty. The starting point of the wall is Hushan Great Wall in the east and it goes up to the Jiayuguan Pass in the west. The wall travels from the provinces of Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Liaoning, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Beijing, Gansu and Tianjin. The view from the Great Wall of China is very picturesque. The ethnic people who live along the wall are always excited to help you and provide information and travel tips.

great wall of china

If you are planning to visit China going to a trip to at least one part of the Great Wall is a must for you. You will surely experience the Chinese culture on your tour to the Great Wall. The wall has been included into Chinese mythology and is a popular symbol that represents the country. There are several legends attached to the collapse of the wall. The most interesting legend is the fall of a section of wall due to Meng Jiangnu, who cried very hard when her husband died while he was helping the construction of wall.

This legend is very much popular in China and is many times used in traditional operas and folk songs. The legend has been included in the schools text books.

The construction of the Great Wall was originally done in the spring, autumn, and Warring seasons these periods kept on changing. Later it went through continuous extensions and repairs in later time. Basically, it started as the independent walls for the different states when it was first constructed. It became “Great” wall during the Qin Dynasty. Emperor Qin Shihuang effort proved to be fruitful as that time walls were joined together thus avoiding the invasions from the Huns in the north. Since that time onwards the Great Wall has been serving as a monument of the Chinese nation throughout history.

The most amazing section of the Great Wall of China is the mystery behind its construction. The construction was depended on the local resources for its construction. The man power that was required to construct the wall was mostly the local people, prisoners as well as the soldiers. The construction shows the tenacity and wisdom of the Chinese people. These were all the facts about the Great Wall of China.

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