Masterpiece From Impressionist And Post- Impressionist: Art Institute Of Chicago

Posted On January 1, 2010 

Some cities have great history that itself attracts you towards them. They stand so bravely in order to achieve the place that it is remarkable. And this city itself has a history of series of war. Settled on the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is the 3rd largest city in United States. It was 1883 when Chicago was established after battling numerous fights with Native American.

Chicago strongly holds the Democratic Party. And hence it has been home to influence many politicians including the current President of the United States, Barrack Obama.

This city has received many local names like ‘chi- city’, ‘chi- town’ and ‘windy city’.

It was modern paintings that attracted me to the Art Institute in Chicago.

Art Institute in Chicago

The Art Institute situated at the 111 South Michigan Avenue in the Chicago Landmark Historic Michigan Boulevard District. It is the second largest museum after Metropolitan Museum in New York. It is a encyclopedia for modern paintings including world’s most outstanding collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art.

The collected works of the Art Institute of Chicago embraces more than 5,000 years of homo expression from civilization around the world which consists of more than 260,000 art work. The art institute holds works of art ranging from as early as the Japanese prints to the most updated American art.

Art Institute of chicago museumThe museum is connected with School of arts institute of Chicago. Established in 1879, initially it was named as the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. It was 1882 when the name was altered into Art institute.

Charles L. Hutchinson, the very first president of the Art institute and Martin A. Ryerson were the two art lovers who turned the institute into a Mecca for artists. They were the ones who donated a huge amount of art works. The donated work included the parts of Demidoff Collection of Old Masters and the ones’ which are acquired at auction comprises of paintings by Frans Hals, Meindert Hobbema and Rembrandt Van Rijn.

The architect was constructed in 1893 by Boston architects who had designed the structure in the Beaux-Arts style by Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge. The building styled in Beaux- Arts guarded by the lions served first as the venue for the world’s Columbian Exposition on the 400th anniversary of discovery of America.

The Art institute of Chicago first stares a roaring lion in the face and Edward kerney’s bronze sculptures of 1894 stands on tall sockets adjoining the flight of stairs up to the neo classical façade of the Art Institute. These lions have become the emblem of Unites states greatest museum of Arts.

Library which is settled on the ground floor of the museum is the Ryerson & Burnham Libraries. The Libraries’ collections wrap all episodes of art, but they are well known for its widespread collected works of 18th-20th century architecture. It assists the museum staff, college and university students. It is also accessible to the general masses. There are some special events and tours conducted by The Friends of the Libraries.

Art institute of chicago modern wingThe Art Institute opened the Modern Wing on the 16th May, 2009 which is the largest expansion in the museum’s history.

Designed by Renzo Piano the 2, 64,000 square foot addition holds Institute the second-largest museum in the Unites States. The Modern Wing is domicile to the museum’s assortment which is from early 20th-century European art. It also comprises Pablo Picasso’s The Old Guitarist, Henri Matisse’s Bathers by a River, and René Magritte’s Time Transfixed.

During 1924, the art collector Bertha Palmer donated one of the most important collections of Renoirs, Monets, Degases and Manets to the art Institute. And in 1925, the Museum was given Helen Birch Bartlett’s collection that comprised the most famous works by George Seurat’s ‘A Sunday Afternoon On La Grande Jatte’. The Impressionist and Post- Impressionist works have became the Art Institute’s biggest Attraction.

The museum exhibits an impressive collection of American masters including ‘The child’s Bath’ which is the best known painting by the Impressionist Mary Cassatt. And there are two more exempla of classic American Art, Grant Wood’s American gothic and Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks serve as magnets which draw the mass to this wing.

And more jewels in the collection are the art work in the Bergman galleries- Surrealist Art Cubes by Joseph Cornell.

The magnificent collection of contemporary art also dwells as the biggest collection of works by Gerhard Richter. The paintings like ‘Christa and Wolfi’ and ‘Woman Descending the Stairs’ shimmer visitors eyes.

The collection also includes most important works by
  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir such as Two Sisters (On the Terrace)
  • Henri Matisse’s The Bathers.
  • Paul Cézanne’s The Basket of Apples.
  • Madame Cézanne in a Yellow Chair.
  • Moulin Rouge by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is another highlight,
  • Georges Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.
  • Gustave Caillebotte’s Paris Street and Rainy Day.
  • Non-French paintings of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist collection include Vincent Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles and Self-portrait, 1887.

You can experience the joy of modern painting including Impressionist and Pre-Impressionist painting on all days of the week but yes the timings differ like Mon-Wed and Friday the museum open by 10.30 a.m and closes by 04.30 p.m, while on Thursday’s the time is from 10.30 a.m to  08.00 p.m. And to add even the weekends are made by special by opening the museum at 10.00 a.m to 05.00 p.m. Even there are few easy ways to reach the museum like Green line subway to Adams or Wabash and even the Buses traveling from Route 3 reach Adams / Wabash.

There are definite charges to enter the museum

Adults: $18
Children, Students, and Seniors (65 and up): $12
Children under 14: Free
Members are allowed to enter for free.

You may also enjoy the other attractions that are adjacent to Art Institute like Chicago Museum of Contemporary arts, Field Museum Of Natural Museum.

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    One of the cities to be to be visited for all its historical events and infrastructure! will be great fun to feel the hitory from near!

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