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Posted On April 6, 2012 

While you are in the land of Indian tour locales, there are many regions which would surely leave you totally enchanted and absolutely fascinated. India the land of beautiful temples and enthralling destinations is surely a land to be in, and the state of Karnataka only adds to the pleasures of Indian travel. So come here to the ancient land of culture and get to see the most awe inspiring landscapes in this part of the world.

The Biligirirangan Hills in this lovely state forms a greatly cherishable tour locale of India and this hill range located in the south eastern part of the state is in the border of the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states in the southern part of India. The Biligirirangan  Swamy temple and the Wildlife Sanctuary is a total treat for the tourist and the protected surroundings and the fascinating sights here lend an experience to remember always. Existing since the year 2010 as a Tiger Reserve this is a land that has been declared a wildlife reserve under the Wildlife Reserve Act or 1972. Located at the confluence of the Eastern and the Western Ghats this is a sanctuary that is totally witness to the best ecosystems in this part of the world. It is a very unique ecosystem here and the mountain ranges on either side dominate the terrain here.

Biligirirangan Hills

The Biligirirangan Hills lie in the taluks of the Kollegal and Yelandur in the district of Karnataka. With the Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary very near this place, the hills give the hill ranges their name and are located around 90 kilometres from the city of Mysore. Bangalore lies around 158 kilometres from this lovely region of green pleasures.

One reaches these hills either from Chamarajanagar or Yelandur and the easternmost edge of the Western Ghats gives the sights of the best kind of flora and fauna which is what makes tours to this place memorable. The wildlife sanctuary spans over an area of around 322.4 square kilometres and this was built around the temple in the year 1974. The sanctuary gets its name from the rock face that makes up the major part of the hill. This is also topped with the Lord Rangaswamy temple. There are silver clouds that cap the hill for the major part of the year. So all tourists who come here enjoy the sights of such mesmerizing sights.

Tourists coming here get comfortable and convenient accommodations making tours here greatly fascinating and adventurous. Then of course you have the Lord Ranganatha temple here which looks resplendent atop the hill range. The deity here is fondly called Biligirirangan and is shown in a standing posture.

Lord Ranganatha temple

This place is very popular for the Annual Car festival that is a great event celebrated here. It is held during the month of Vaishakha in April and is popular in the regions for being a major tourist attraction. Many pilgrims from far and wide come here to see the ratha festival in the famed Biligirirangan Hills. Local people come and present a large pair of slippers which measure a foot and 9 inches and are made up of skin. They offer this to the Lord once in two years.

With the idols of Ranganayaki and Sri Biligiri Ranganatha being the main deities here in the land of the lord Biligirirangan, the temple has many Srivaishnavites coming here and offering pooja on Fridays.

BR hills as it is otherwise also known is easily approached by road from the Mysore highway. It is also accessible by rail with Chamarajanagar as the nearest station. This is around 40 kilometres from Biligirirangan. This beautiful Karnataka locale is also accessed by air with Bangalore as the nearest airport. It is around 220 kilometres from the Biligirirangan Hills or the BRHills.

The soliga tribes in and around BRHills form the major populace here. There is a sacred grove here that is respected by the tribes and has a large number of champaka trees here and these cover the total area such that it almost locks like a shadow.

Champaka trees

The Biligirirangan hills form a great feature of tours in the state of Karnataka.

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