Caribbean cruise adventure

Posted On November 23, 2010 

When you look over the safety net below, you will see the bowsprit of the huge royal clipper, you could take pictures of dolphins that ride the bow wave beneath you. Once you feel a little like you have over done it, is when you can get back on deck.

When you come aboard the royal clipper on your Caribbean cruise adventure, which is in Grenada, you can have a nice five day tour of the Grenadines.  The royal clipper is where you can go in Grenada.  This ship has the largest mast. The small passenger count means that you would probably get to know the fellow traveler. It takes you about two minuets to walk about the whole ship. The ship has long elegant corridors and stair cases that take you up and down in Edwardian styles steps.

On the first night, you would get to experience the tropical bar which is in the indoor and out door scenario.  This is the place where everyone meets up every night. And this is also where the guests get to associate with each other. There is a local steel band that plays once the sun sets over the many roof tops over here. The ambience in the old town is something you have to experience on your Caribbean cruise adventure.

When you wake up early in the morning you would probably be on the deck of the cruise ship which shows at sunrise. This is quite memorable. When you get on the royal clipper, this would seem to be an occasion which gives extra luster to the early light that catches the sails.

The marine biologists on the ship would probably indulge the tourists, which includes you; in a lovely dolphin watching session.  Over here, you can watch many programs and then when you actually get to see the dolphins, you will learn how to appreciate the awesomeness and the beauty of these amazing creatures, on your Caribbean cruise adventure.

The first thing you can do here is to call the port of the Tobago Cays. This place happens to be a huge uninhabited islands group. When you actually land on the white sanded beach, you will notice that you are in some place that is quite out of the ordinary.  As you head toward the interior, you will probably see a nice lagoon of clear water.  If you like watching birds, then the avail fauna in this place is just off the hook.

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