Rameshwaram Temple Attractions

Posted On December 29, 2011 

Visit the famous Rameshwaram temple which is revered as one of the most reglious and sacred Indian temples. Also called the Ramanathaswamy temple this is regarded as one of the 12 jyotirlingas of India. This temple is regarded as important and holy as the city of  Benares. Situated off the coast of Sethu in the state of Tamil Nadu, this temple is famous as being a part of the Indian epic Ramayana where the Indian God Lord Rama won over the demon king of Lanka Ravana.

This pious region is a great Hindu legendary structure and the temple on the Rameshwaram Island is reached by the Pamban Bridge built across the sea. The temple is very popular for its decorative corridor, and magnificent towers, and the lovely 36 theerthams.

Rameshwaram Temple

Legend has it that Rama worshipped the Shiva lingam here when he was returning to Ayodhya . This lingam is believed to have been made of earth by Goddess Sita Rama’s wife. It is also believed that Hanuman was sent to bring the idol of Lord Vishwanath from the city of Benares. Rama thought that Hanuman wouldn’t come on time. So he prayed to the lingam and proceeded with his journey. So this lingam is known as the Ramalingam. In the meantime, Hanuman brought the Shivlingam and  installed it here and he was called the Vishwanathar. This shivling is also known as the Kasilingam or the Hanumanlingam. Today this Vishwanathar Shivalingam is worshipped before praying to Ramanathaswamy. People also believe that Rama worshipped an idol at Tilakeshwar in Devipatnam which lies on the way to Lanka.

Inside Rameshwaram Temple

History has it that  this shrine was initially in a thatched hut during the 12th century. Then the Setupathy rulers of the city of Ramanathapuram completed the remaining portion of the temple. The temple spires are very similar to the other spires of the period of Pallavas. There were lot of additions to the temple from the 12th to the 16th centuries. The long corridor that is found here is very recent and belongs to the 18th century. There is a hill here – the Gandhamadhana hill which offers a great view of the entire temple region. On this hill there are footprints of Lord Rama which are said to be existing since the time he came to worship here. The Rameshwaram temple has been patronized by kingdoms of Puddukottai, Mysore, Travancore, and Ramanathapuram.

Sprawling over an area of around 15 acres, this temple has gigantic towers, magnificent monolithic walls and a gigantic Nandi. With around 4000 feet long corridor this place with its magnificent pillars is considered to be the longest. The main feature of this corridor is that the rock that is found here is not found on the native island. It is believed to have been brought from across the sea. There is a tower in the eastern side which is around 126feet tall and has around nine different levels. The western tower does not have as much height as the eastern one. The Nandi would be around 18 feet in height and 22 feet in length.

Do visit the theerthams which are 36 in number and amongst these 22 are found in the Rameshwaram temple. The water found in these theerthams are believed to have medicinal value. Devotees throng here and take a bath and feel blessed. There is the Agni Theertham which indicates the ocean and the Koti theertham which is found in the temple premises.

Visit this sacred place and reconnect to the divinity of the great lord.

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