Edmonton Canada

Posted On November 1, 2010 

When you are on a holiday with your loved one , there is no better way to be spending it . If you are searching for a destination that would compliment your romantic story then look no further, the beautiful city of Edmonton Canada is worth a visit.

Edmonton Canada is supposed to be the fifth largest city in the whole world. There are many love struck couples coming here and the city has constructed parks , museums , culture sites and many other venues especially for the lovely couples. When you see a flight land at the busy International Airport at Edmonton, taxis and cabs would be the best option if you would like to tour the city. And , if you like to drive around at your own pace, then there are many rentals that you could choose from.

Edmonton Canada

One day is barely enough for all the tours and attraction to take place. If in case you are planning to stay overnight then it would be wise to consider the quality of good accommodation. There are many hotel here. You have standard boutique and budget conscious hotels as well. The hotels offer cozy rooms and many different suites for the many different honeymooners.

One of the best things to do in Edmonton would be to drive around the many beautiful looking attraction in this city. In fact the whole thing is quite pleasurable in itself and there are many roadside attraction to stop by at and have good fun with. It would be best to not miss out on the landmarks of the Strathcona and has many houses and all this is lined on the streets. When you do come to the The university of Alberta, and the white Avenue, this could be some of the loveliest places on earth.

University of Alberta

There is a pico, Lino bistro which is an awesome restaurant if you are into trying out Italian food. The place offers lovely dishes and it is quite big hit and the many visitors and locals who come here. In fact if you are a hearty people then you should definitely come here. It would be good if you visit the Fort Edmonton park as well. This place is deigned much like an ancient village.

There are many different attraction and division that show how much change has happened from those earlier villages right into today. This park happens to be quite popular with families. There is the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village and of course the Rutherford House Provincial Historical site.

Rutherford House

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